Live to be lived


I saw you first when you were a baby just one day old,

You were on your mother's lap all covered from head to toe.

You grew up with me away from the noise of the outside world ,

Always playing in my shadowy canopy you stayed protected from all woes.

Years passed and you grew up to be a handsome man,

You were constantly in the rat race trying to outdo the rest.

With no definite goals decided, yet you kept competing against time,

You were chasing success but the passion just died.

In course of time you did something professionally and got settled to be married,

They decorated me too in pomp and splendor to witness you happily wedded.

Soon your off springs turned adult and slowly joined the same rat race,

My heart bled to see you weep all alone over your wife's corpse.

Your eye pits are now hollow and dark as the moonless night,

Your once young warm skin is now wrinkled and cold.

But even today I welcome you with my arms open wide and to my astonishment you noticed me this time,

When you close your eyes on my lap tonight I saw the same jovial boy sleeping contended with many many dreams in his eyes.

I wish if you would have lived your life like my roots grounded so deep in the soil.

You would have known the real meaning of life .

Have you known your friend from childhood THE BANYAN TREE up close, I wonder would your life have worth a bit more?

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