Live Your Life

You awaken yet again to tears clouding your eyes
cause it's another day of trying to decide
whether to release it all and just live your life.
Or continue to “happily” coincide
with the vary people to forced you to hide
and pretend everything's perfectly fine
and that you're not slowly dying inside.
Your soul rotting away while it's confined
to the deep, dark depths of your mind.
Never forgotten but never revived.
All because you don't dare to live your life.

As your feet meet the ground you're forced recognize
the fact that you are here. You are alive.
And it's you who has to live your life
because no can live it for you.
No one should live it for you.
And no one would live it for you
Because it's not something that anyone can do.
It's made for you and only you

So why is it that we choose to abide
by the social norms society has assigned
as what is wrong and what is right.
Because apparently everyone is supposed to live their life
not for themselves but for those who decide
whether you survive or become ostracized.
All because you chose to just live your life.

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