Living a Nightmare

The darkness frightens me
Its when fear creeps to my mind
And my thoughts come to life
My dreams become a reality
And I can no loger take the reins
I see myself invisible, vulnerable, in chains
And I see you mocking and smirking, staking and lerking
I creep around the corner to the edge
flat, sharp, cold
My eyes filled with tears
my mouth screaming for help
As fear takes over I am slowly drowned im the thought of you.
Tall, blonde, boy
So simple, so normal but I see what others dont
Your eyes blue as ice , your soul cold as snow and youre heart is black as night
I thought you would transform the nightmares into dreams
Silly me, im such a fool.
Who am I to believe in such things?
You are the nightmare you are the fear, you are alive. Where am I?
Trapped, stuck, frozen.
I am frozen in your blue eyes,
Living a nightmare.

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