Living Dead

Embrace me, every part of who I am.
Let my tears of endless life,
drip down your tired face.
See the wildflowers,
Growing up out of the caverns of my heart.
Hear the breeze as it blows through my ribs,
As they cage a beast.
Hold my worn and calloused hand,
Stained with colors that are screaming life.
Let the words just fall,
Tumble, out of my open mouth.
Watch my lips as they whiten,
When I close them so tight,
As to keep the tendrils of darkness inside.
Let the voice of my footsteps,
Create a path of resounding wonder.
My thoughts are chained,
To the four walls of the cell that is my mind.
They clash and break into pieces,
As the stone walls become a weapon,
The voice hidden there never ceases.
It resonates loudly,
Giving taunts and belittling comments.
I've learned to shove it aside,
Not allowing it to run and hide.
I'm breaking apart,
All that's left is my shattered heart.

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