Living Hero as Heroes Never die

Hearing your shock news, we cry as you left us behind
Our ears wouldn’t believe to hear
Our hearts wouldn’t believe to believe
to accept you left us behind
To struggle on this world as death is great enemy
So dad, you can go in peace.

We recall your words and we cry again and again
you leave us really, we accepted now as we stood on your graveyard
we cry again and again but no way as death is great enemy
that is why we accept for you to go to our ancestors
So dad, go in safe journey for you’re a great an icon.

Your age mates tell us your great deeds
That makes us cry and cry again
we understand now that death had stolen you
If even we cry and cry lakes, seas and oceans will fill but you’ll not come back
All do tell us to take courage, as we live by God will not our owns
So that is why we accept that we’ll miss you,
and we’ll continue to struggle on this world to conquer our enemies.

Dad your death is mystery to us for your wishes are nowhere to be found
but we accept as death is great enemy with no one to defeat but death alone defeat
so we conclude that we’ll accepted that we’ll miss you
and we know you as a great icon, great leader, and great father to all so join our ancestors
and appealing for us and we wish you to rest in peace daddy

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This Poems Story

This poem about our icon and leader deeds and it remind us that we're visitor on this world and only our deeds do speak afterward. Our age mates will tell our loves one all our deeds; if untimely death come to us. Standing on graveyard where our belove one is to be laid that is when we accept the missing among us. So, we should live like, if we'll die in a second, minutes, day and years to uplift our brothers and sisters to left history behind that will speak though we die. Maybe that is why the said heroes never die. So, can we thinks for life is one?