Living in a Lie

When I first saw you I immediately fell,
Like a star from the sky.
You taught me how to love and how to smile.
You make me feel like everything is worth while.
Your eyes are a safe haven.
Your smile is as warm as the sun.
Your arms though I have never felt them,
Are like a strong hurricane carrying me through.
Through the hurt, and through the pain.
The pain of knowing you and I could never be.
You are a sweet torture one that I need.
I need this torture in order to survive.
I need you though we are with other people.
I see the sun in your eyes.
Your laugh is a sweet symphony
I can never be able to tell you this,
At least not in person.
I know that you know how I feel.
How can I be happy with him?
When you're the one I really want?
That alone only I can answer.

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