Living in Distress

I feel like I can’t trust her no more
After everything i’ve done for her, she acts like she don’t need me no more
She acts as if I don’t feed her no more
She acts like I wasn’t there when she needed support
I held her down like a fort
But I guess it wasn’t substanical enough
And that’s why she had to go out and trample my heart
Now I know i’m no work of art
But sometimes I like to think back when we met at the start
Before she learned to puncture my heart with a dart
Life has taught me that you can’t control sombodies loyalty
All you can hope for is that you find your purpose joyfully
I guess my loyalty was taken as a jest
Even though I gave her all the answers to the test
And now whenever I sit back and rest
All I can think about is what if she had given it her best

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