Living In Lockdown


There really is no place to go.
The lockdown makes the days go slow.
I have to find some things to do.
Some things old, and some things new.
I may go for a drive not far away.
That helps to brighten up the day.
Some days I go to work at a store.
But then I have to put my mask on more.
In my county we’re still in phase one.
So there’s not much to do to really have fun.
But I can walk the dog; in the pasture we go.
Then there’s the lawn that needs to be mowed.
There’s no more music or concerts galore,
No people to sing to as there were before.
One thing I miss is music to sing.
It’s a talent I have and much joy it brings.
I must think of things I’ve never done before,
That don’t require going out the door.
I spend my time writing some days.
It sure helps pass the time away.
Some day soon the lockdown may end.
People’s loneliness, fear, and depression can mend.

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