Living In The Dark

Lost among a sea of monotony
A roaring buzz floats in my ear
The silent drone of the day passes,
Passes by my silent complexion
Words lost in a jungle of entangled vines
The web of lies that surround my thoughts have
Created a conundrum that even my happy place of thoughts
Cannot seem to unravel
The slightest twitch of a muscle in my face
Signaled this realization
The realization that the world would indeed
Come down a-crashing and roaring at my feet
I sat in wait for the final blow
Silence ate at my already putrescent flesh as I waited, and waited..
Until the scream I had long awaited pierced the midnight air
But soon thereafter quickly vanished in the crisp air
Leaving me to once again toil in the vines that were my hideous lies
A voice did shout distantly, very distantly
Speaking words in an effort to bring me
Back from the darkness of the inviting shadows
To step out into the light
But I know nothing of this frivolous light
Therefore the breath spent be yet another worldly waste
The dull humming resumes for my mind has made it's choice
My eyes do glaze
As the drumming of the beat continues on without a hinge.

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