Living Life in Love

They go to bed in the dead of night waiting for the sun’s intense light
Starving as they draw weary time passes on for them long and dreary
Every morn they walk shoeless in the dust and dirt watching the world for themselves lost and hurt
They look around wondering what they’ll do no friends, no family, just one life they pursue
Every time new refugees come to the camp they expect the same very thing: disappointment
While many are safe along with others amongst their toil, free from the wars plaguing the African soil
Many are left weeping in bittersweet tears knowing they had been rescued when for others death had persevered
Nightmares, lost hopes, and far-gone dreams torment their minds- young and old never to be spoken, never to be told
Seclusion and survival is the key for some it seems, it’s too late for breakthroughs and how it blasphemes
Life is no longer a reason to celebrate but to inquire of God for them death’s angel would take
Wake up to a day that never gives them reward back for until the day’s ending will they lounge on that hard bedrock of a homemade shack
They still smile thanking the Lord for His mercy but their eyes expose how they feel life has cursed thee
So why do we nitpick about the lesser in existence growing greedy and hypnotized by the market’s increasing hindrance
As you witness and consider the lives of the deprived, desperate, and suffering remember what you can do as relief to bring about the recovering
Live a life of giving back let it be worth living for the God of heaven wants these precious ones breathing
Let your heart flourish in deep love and pour in to send that very love to a needful orphan

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