Living On An Edge

If I were asked tomorrow what today were going to bring
for the world
Still then I could not express all of the things which are
to us being hurled
This life is so unpredictable to say the least and even
more than just that
There are no promises with every change made as
if randomly drawn from a hat
I could not tell the truth without telling a flat out
Because of all the time in between that becomes
you, he and my
We feel a way about the sad and even great times
that we've had
Without realizing how much so we should be proud
or at that, glad.
I seem to see the things that would cause me
any kind of harm
And still in my mentality there are no flashing
lights not one alarm
Why do I choose to live in this way I always
think to myself
I know now it's because of the way I rarely kept
up except off the shelf

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This Poems Story

This is the beginning of a whole new year. I will not allow ones past nor ever of them will I fear.