Living or Existing

Repetitive grind of our everyday life we’re so blind by trying to strive and follow our goals and dreams it sometimes hinder us from being around loved ones, laughter, joy and a peace of mind.

We as human beings sometimes let society disrupt our minds, following the footsteps of others wanting to look like the images on social media the platform that the world created somehow has its pros and cons.

We all should take a minute unwind and clear our minds and think about our calling from God. Think about what it is that fulfill our souls and make our spirit happy, what motivate and excites our inner self.

We often carry the weight of the world on our shoulder like Atlas, that’s preposterous God shaped and mode us to be creative, indestructible, and unique. So, the next time you unwind sit back decline and clear your mind ask yourself are you living or existing.

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