Living Out Loud Today

People don’t completely understand the phrase,
“You Only Live Once”.
From a wider perspective,
We live on the Earth for a very short period of time.
Our time is a heartbeat.
Yet, precious days are squandered
like loose change dropped in a barista’s tip jar.
Death could come at any moment.
So, I was told right before eighth grade ended.
As you walk through the doors on your first day,
Remember one thing for the next four years;
Take it all in.
Don’t take anyone or anything for granted.
Play your hardest game even if you’re tired.
Go to the football game with all your friends.
Stay true to who you are.
Find the friends that make you the happiest.
Practice self love and don’t let anyone tear you down.
Study for the test, you’ll be glad.
Or watch four hours of Netflix instead, you’ll be glad then too.
Spend the money on that cute shirt that makes you feel pretty.
Record all your memories with pictures and videos.
Travel as much as you can.
Go to that concert.
Sneak out.
Go for walks alone often to clear your head.
Be grateful for your teachers.
You may not appreciate them, but they truly want you to succeed.
Your SAT score does not define you.
Neither does the number of friends you have.
Time flies.
Live every second with love, happiness, and ambition.
Live truly by taking risks.
Because one day, you’re going to be hugging your parents,
Saying farewell.
And letting go of the adventures in the past
To move on to new ones.

Twenty five years from now
You’re telling your teenage son or daughter
About your high school years.
You won’t remember the grade you got in a class,
Or the rude comment some irrelevant person made.
You are only going to remember the good times
With the people you grew up with.
My advice to you is to simply live.
Because one day you are going to be wishing to go back
To the good days.
Unfortunately that’s the way life goes,
We all grow up,
And we all die.
So why not live everyday to the fullest
And make a mark on the world.

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