Living Real

Human existence is like a pervading candescence,
Unlike anything you ever saw,Strings of nothing weaving creating, birthing everything
You are lost in eluding clips of imagination still trying to picture
Unfanthomable images unlike anything you ever saw
Painstakingly focusing, perspiration oozing out of every pore on your caramel covering
Still trying to profer answers to questions you cannot even begin to form

Enigmatic conjurings deep in your mind, fragments of nonsensical intelligent theories
Based on nothing but still remain everything to you.
You are high on thoughts, drifting further and further away from all air of sanity
Sanity you'd wished, prayed and hoped for, but it was human nature you see,
A nature that led you down these dark meaningless steep roads.
You'll never be the same again've been tossed, turned, broken and pieced back together
But I'm afraid, in a different order.
At this point you wished someone had told you ,
But the only people who venture on these roads you tread
Never come back to tell their tale....

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