Living The Lie

Did I really stay up,
all night counting sheep?
When was the last time,
I got any sleep?
When was the last time,
I opened the door,
Today, yesterday,
the day before?
Screw it I see what I want,
right here on this plate.
Everything else,
Will just have to wait.
While I fold up a boat,
and load up pile,
and sit here an smoke,
some dope for awhile.
One hit turns to two,
three becomes four,
five to a lie,
as more becomes more.
Lies about people,
and things left undone.
Even lies about things,
I've yet to begun.
One way or another,
though not to I try,
some way or another
I'll come up with a lie.
Or a way to explain,
away for the day,
How I sat here an smoked,
my whole life away.
The whole while laid back,
my feet on the table.
certainly willing,
an perfectly able.
To trade whats left,
of the rest of my shit.
For whats left on the foil,
just one more hit!

By Cliff Merkle
Dedicated to Mr McCann KPEP and his years helping those who don't even realize they need help. Thank you

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