Living through the Rain

Rain comes in deep waves as I watch you walk away.
I want to run after you, to say what I have to say.
I'm tired of being alone, so tired of feeling incomplete,
But as you walk away that all seems obsolete.
This pain covers me like rainfall at night
I need to move on but I can't put up a fight
I'm being drawn in by the horror of your love
But this exquisite pain is something I can't rise above.
No, you're not coming back, but I think if I try
Can I make you love me so I won't always cry?
Is this real? It's happened so much, this pain inside
I'm shattered and exposed, I have no place to hide
I don't know what to do
Does it make you feel better it's not just you?
Names, numerous in count and weight
Blow through my mind whispering my fate
Names, sound through my head as I walk the crowded halls
Trying to avoid seeking eyes, trying to melt into the walls.
Names, crowded in my head,
Unable to sleep alone without you in my bed.
memories flying of those who hurt me in the past
why did we think we would ever last?
So many mistakes, so many times burned
They didn't know they couldn't win me, I can only be earned.

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