Living with Anxiety

My mind, a nebula of trees
Vines wrap around my ankles
Planting into the slow quicksand beneath me
The lush canopy blocking any view of the sky
Woeful songs whisper up high
Into the thick cluster of leaves
As I sink into uncertainty
My surroundings begin to shift
Trees become monsters
Monsters that I've already formally met
And I know everything's getting hell bent
But when the sky is gone
So is hope
My feet have disappeared
Becoming tan with the sand
And I'm left reaching for something to grab
A branch of reality
My knuckles flush to white as I hold on for dear life
With every passing moment
I'm dragged further down into the pit of my anxiety
My hand slowly slips
Along with my sanity
I'm halfway there stuck in a purgatory
The sand fills my lungs
And I can't bear the weight

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