Double L to the Z to the double D
who's missing you is me
You had your issues, yes indeed
An I'm glad to know in heaven , your set free
But here on earth it seems so sad
I want to see you,hear you, feel you so bad
My heart aches and my mind wanders
Could I have done something different?, my mind ponders
I think about heaven and how it must be
I know the angels rejoiced to meet my Zachary
I wake up everyday and play it in my head
Please tell me why my baby boy is dead
I believe in God's plan, and I know you made your mark!
You were so brilliant, funny, attractive, and had that "godly" spark
You loved everyone around you and lived life to the best
And now you are with Jesus and laid down to rest
The beautiful baby boy that you left behind
Is one of the reasons I can still love, laugh, and be kind
I'm scared, lonely, and lost without you
And if we could talk, I know you would say, "I miss you too"
Please look after your baby sister , she grieves for you
All the dreams yall had that now will not come true
I know the last thing you want is for her to be blue
Guide us in life and lead us on earth as we roam
Until the day we all reunite , and God brings us home!

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