We were unprepared,
We never would have even dared to imagine
Such a time of loss and pain,
To the point where we were locked,
placed in a box,

Said box acts as a cage in which we were trapped
As if we are pets, and the world is our owner,
It was as if we had angered this metaphorical owner in a way
similar to a cat scratching a freshly painted wall
And now we were stuck.
Forced to stay confined.

However unlike a human keeping a pet,
The world was less forgiving, providing safety to only so many.
All those who have lost their lives.
All because of some mistake we made
Prior to being locked in the first place.

Who chose whether someone would be given access to what they need
or if they themselves would have to be giving?
Doctors and nurses giving up their safety to protect us
People giving up their ability to feed their children and families.

Humankind has done so much to harm nature as it is,
So many man made problems, we let the world burn
We failed to correct our ways,
Why shouldn’t nature defend itself in return

If only we hadn’t scratched that wall
Then none of this would have happened.
We would have been free.
But no-

What if our owner wasn’t mad?
What if we never actually DID scratch that wall?
In fact, what if the real reason we were locked
wasn’t that we messed up the paint but that
the wall needed to be painted in the first place?

To maintain: verb,
To cause or enable a condition to continue.
Is that not exactly what we are doing by staying in our respective boxes?

All software needs to undergo maintenance sometimes,
If not how would anything new ever develop?
Us moving forward in time comes with a cost
This virus is just a fine.
We are letting the world reset.

After all,
If a cow didn’t let the grass grow, what would it eat?

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