Locked Up (But I’m Still Free)


The sky has clouded over everything is gray
The pitter-patter of the rain is messing with my head
Although I'm locked up but I'm still free
I won't let this quarantine get the best of me
I play it safe and approach with caution
I'm missing my friends but what are my options
To live free or die because someone screwed up
They're not even man enough to drink from my cup
But that's another song for another day
Give up now, no how! no way!
Locked up but I'm still free
Things are chaotic but why should that be
People refuse to do what's right
Why must that be a part of my plight
Tell me is this pandemic just a hoax
Over 200,000 dead and they're cracking jokes
I can't believe my eyes and the things I've seen
Tell me how can people be so mean?
So selfish and not do what is right
Put on a mask and give up the fight
People are dying every single day
Listen to the dying and hear what they say
Although I'm locked up at least I'm free
Won't let this quarantine get the better of me

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