Locked Up, In Love

"...This call is from a correctional facility and is subject to monitoring and recording..." is how every conversation starts
before we take turns pouring out our hearts
And for the next twenty minutes, nothing else matters except the beautiful sound of your voice
I tell you I love you, you say that you miss me
And that nothing's the same with me gone
You tell me you need me and explain your struggles
I get pissed that I can't help and wish that I was there
Even if it was just to cuddle
I tell you this will all be over soon
Just hoping that it's true, and hating every single day away from you
We both knew this was coming
But neither one of us expected it to be so hard
When I was out we were both blinded by love and shards
Poor decisions and bad friends are the cause of this
And now the only thing I miss is you
I hate that we're in this situation and can't wait for it to end

"...You have 60 seconds remaining..."
I can't wait till you're in my arms again
We exchange words of love until we get to speak again...
"Thank you for using Global Tel Link..."

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This Poems Story

Casey is an inmate at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center, awaiting trial in February for charges he incurred after a homie snitched on him: but he lied, he was the one who committed the crime but he was trying to save his own ass. Now my CaseyBear is facing up to 20 years in prison for second degree burglary. Our relationship had only just begun when he was arrested. So we're doing all we can do and building our relationship and love from his jail cell. All of the poems that are featured on this website Casey wrote to me from jail. The most romantic and tragic love story...