Some things are too precious to reveal
To deep, to soulful to show to the world
Weakness derives from secrets that are shared
People fear this vulnerability
And so we lock our souls in a silver pendant
And keep this pendant on a chain round our necks
To stay safe and ever kept in our current state of mind
Away from all influences and relationships
No one never knows who we truly are
Therefore no one can love us for us
But this world doesn’t care
Because the risk of uncaging ourselves and showing our true skin is frightening
It may emit in greatness but that chance will never be taken
Most of life relies on the opinions of others
If these others see what we keep within our lockets they have the ammunition to hurt us
The greatest pain comes when what you can’t change is insulted
Looks, love, both overrated but both controlling
Even imaging revealing its contents to someone else induces anxiety
But to get over this anxiety would be to gain the most power of all
Let someone close to you hold the weight of your locket for a while
Trust that they will keep it safe and near their hearts
Live without it dragging you down
We need to let ourselves trust and rely on others
We need to share responsibility
And let this world be free of the chains round their necks
For taking the risk of losing your locket is worth it by far

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