How can you judge what you haven't lived?
How can you take what you do not Give?
How can you love, when you
don't know what love is?
The student is as good as the teacher is!
So how can you teach what you do not know?
The answers we seek were transformed, Into
tools and strategies to gain Control.
For it is easier to rule over lost souls.
That choose to believe with their eyes closed.
Why is it that with every belief, Your
always discouraged to think?
Why is logic such a dangerous thing?
Would you not take the trash out if it started to stink?
Do not be fooled by politics,and religion for they are the same.
The beast and the harlot shaming Gods' name.
God is love, and love is a verb it's true!
Love! Is not something we feel it's something we do.

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