Logician The Royal Goth Seventh 2

These thoughts manic fantastic art smart in his dark
reign sought after far so long. The extreme want passionate legs
spread wide back in the fight for Camelot brought
nothing but pain to a stricken heart. Then found buried beneath mars.
The ground raised dug up from a witch vampire found apart.

A star I alone giving purpose murdering these lyrics start with a pencil
and paper service a savoir began centuries ago.
This once dense poetry word fiend sorcerer that a sorcery motive.
I inhabited into my servants expert craft that ritual that
overlaps my wizardry is best defined in a trap.

The isolated nap has been incomparable draft axiom mystery thriller realistic
note slap to all idiots. Who can't believe in chapters
that I'm the god of Satanism dreamed still shot down made
a trilogy. That's by the barrage of sounds internal fixation saw
blade raising about claiming.

That is own just me an arithmetic blight exploration of said greatness
got it common logic sense amazing.
These are making moves next page flip it these hot cakes tasting.
It starts over write again these words may darkened the day. The
demented influences so don't listen.

It wouldn't matter. I see happier worth strange things everywhere.
How unfair human is care sarcasm oh well. I am now still hoping
for the outcome to change for the better. I'm still raw
stronger than ever mentally surgical bipolar depth seize to exist.
That which means I am unable to redeem falling up hills crawling.

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