Lone Cloud

The other day I was viewing the outside from my balcony
The sky was clear and light blue; everything was steady
Then I noticed a lonely, tiny cloud.
“Even in the clearest skies,
Ruthless wind always drags
A cloud like that.” I said
To myself.
It seemed neither overloaded nor great,
But obviously, it couldn’t stand the weight
Of the burden, it carries all around.
Outside of the cloud was white, soft and bright.
But I managed to see through it.
Inside was dark as night,
Thunderous, loud as a hurricane.
And I sensed a storm was occurring there.
Now, I only wish I could’ve said that I do care.
When the cloud was ready for a huge relief
When it was time to get rid of
The burden it was sick of
Everybody ran away; they cried
“We should’ve seen it coming!”
When they got wet from the rain
When the thunders destroyed the loner, the cloud
The remaining was just the death wish of the cloud-
A bright rainbow
No one ever saw.

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