Lone Leaf

I swallow the fresh scent of the frost perched on the colorful leaves
I shiver as the cold needles dig into my freezing skin
I watch as the lone leaf twinkles down on its ballerina toes
It flips, flutters, and eventually falls
Lines of age
Etched into the unique physique of the leaf
I reach out and grab the floating masterpiece
Birds chirp their usual song
The frogs croaking their conclusive calls
Raucous screams of the freezing newborn
The biting wind chokes my toes
Amber-colored shafts of trees exploding out of the ground
Spears of sticks embedded into sodden kaolin-covered ground
Blades of dead grass plunge into nothingness
Waiting for the time when then they will plume with triumph
There is the solitary leaf sitting on the inky surface of the road
I glance over to the empty arms of the trees reaching into the sky
This lone moment represents

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