Lone One

She is never enough for no one
Just wants to be loved by someone
But always treated like the bad one
Never really having a chance since she was abandoned
There’s no place to go, no place she belongs
She just wants to be free, and have some fun
But a good, nice loving one she can’t become
Not always thrown alway like trash, dirt, and scum
She doesn’t belong here in this wretched nation
The pain and the sorrow has been begun
The hatred is great enough, to where she just wants to run
As the feeling of hurt in her stomachs has come
Pain ball’s up in her throat, water racing down her eyes, cry, cry, till there’s none
Always ready to forgive and forget but it’s dumb
Can no longer put there feelings into consideration
But when she stops crying to think for the second
For the love and respect she wants to bring upon
She’s gotta be done with the worst in the world, completely done!

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A girl who is alone!