When a heart beats alone
It is merely a single sound.
A thump-thumping that never ceases,
Never alters or transforms.
The loneliest of melodies,
A heart that beats alone.
Crying out for help,
Blue tears spewing,
Screaming for salvation.
Time moves forward
And the heart still beats,
Solemnly and fading,
Every pump growing softer.
The tears well up,
but do not emerge.
Tightening and crushing,
The ribs collapse.
Shooting cries of help to the right,
Not enough strength to carry on.
And the body falls to its knees
While the heart gasps for one last breath of blue.
And then there is silence.
For the heart that beat alone
Has quickly been forgotten,
In a world of hearts that always seemed,
To beat together, a combined melody,
Of which that heart had no place.

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