Loneliness knows the air better then I do.
It sweeps the ground.
Waves of dirt roll of the hills
Pools of mist ache for revenge and heartfelt apologeties.
As I sit here awaiting for the trees to stop dancing
as if they were color blending into open water.
Searching for a tearful crevice to
hide in.
I can't remember
if there was a time my hands
didn't termer or shake as I pull
my eyes away from sights unknown.
Still I can't let go
of the feeling of almost a
gold harsh breath of fresh cold air
that tells me fear is
only a lie.
Out little minds telling us we can't
jump into the sky.
Mixed with emotion and a sense of
bravery as I hit the air bouncing into a void of
love and hate
and now I don't know what to feel
anymore because even
Loneliness can't let me

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