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Life is a clay, you mire or mare it
The shape it takes determines its use
The function it takes determines its role
And the role it plays determines it place

Life is a clay, molding it is a race
You mix it with water so it holds together
Sticks close to each other, a beauty in wonder
Crafted with many art works, a colour to ponder

Life is a clay, and you are the potter
A clay in isolation is only good for trampling
But in the hand of a potter, it becomes important
It produces a vessel with the help of other elements

Life is a clay, without water it can't hold
So we need people that will help us to unfold
To water our lives, we glitter just like gold
Loneliness is a cancer, a story yet untold

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This Poems Story

Loneliness is a poem to describe the state of many people, and talk about it\'s consequences.