Loneliness in a Cell

Our paths take us far, at times too far to see.
In search of our destiny and where our lives will lead.
We can gain our wisdom through books of scholars,
Or from our trials within.
Mistakes will come, we've all had our share.
Learn from them everyone declares.
Sadness will come like lightning in the sky.
It's swift, powerful, tearing into your mind.
The feeling of loneliness claws at you,
You ask yourself will this ever end.
There are those who say turn to God,
What do you do, what do you say.
Your like a child being told what to do,
Yet like an animal locked in a cage.
You caused no harm, you caused no pain.
Just made a little money for the gain.
You've seen those who paid the price.
Serving their time, they did.
Yet it is never forgotten, you'll always pay.
They make sure of that everyday.
No help from the government or state your in.
Your only solution go back to the game.
Still in search of a destiny unknown.
You keep counting those days you sit alone.
You know your not forgotten, you know you are loved.
Reaching out, reaching in.
Total confusion not knowing where this will all end.

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