Lonely # 2

Lonely caught me early this morning
As the sun was cutting through the blinds
Memories of you, went shooting through
My poor old mind
And the tears were too great to hold back
They inevitably did fall
When I had to face the fact
That you’d never be back, at all

Lonely found me hiding
In our secret special place
Where there was no care that could ever find us there
To see the smiles on our face
I discovered the magic had gone, as I stood alone
And tried to figure it all out
Places sure grow cold, when you have no one to hold
And your heart fills up with doubt

Lonely joined me for a drink
At this old rundown bar
Where the jukebox plays, about many different ways
To get around a broken heart
The mirror on the wall
Don’t hide the truth at all
As I watch me, fall apart
How could I know, just how it would go
Way back at the start

Lonely got the better of me
As I went out for a walk
On the street where you live
Remembering the kisses you’d give
After all our late night talk
Now the sun’s on the rise, burning tired eyes
And I am a long way from home
Don’t know where it went wrong, but life goes on
And I’ll have to continue on my own

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