You can’t escape lonely
No matter how hard you try
It will hunt you down and eat you
Wherever you think you can hide
It’s got eyes that can see
Past any charade
It’s got ears that hear
You from miles away
It could be waiting behind that cloud
Catch you right in, the middle of the crowd
Cut right through the music, playing loud
Crush those strengths, which make you proud
Where you swore no weakness, would be allowed
It fills you up, and leaves you empty inside
Takes your mind, on an all-night memory ride
Shatters the ego and humbles your pride
Even through all the money, and power at your side
And no one is strong enough to endure or abide
You could try tricks, from a celebrity’s book
Remember a lesson in a class you took
But all it takes is just one look
At true happiness there and then
And lonely has found you once again

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