As I sit and wait
Even though I know my fate
To my family I am a disgrace
Addiction has created a statistical case
The boy who had so much potential
Speaking of it now, I feel rather sentimental
A cigarette burns in my hand
Another meeting, why that sounds grand
Hopes and dreams at the bottom of a bottle
Thrown into this world, gear in full throttle
I tried to be just another kid
But you’d be disgusted at what’s under my lid
A drink this early, a drink at school
It has been quoted the drunken man is a fool
Who’s laughing now I got the last sip
As I watch my social life slip out of my grip
If they don’t want me that’s there loss
Cause I run the show I must be the boss
Alcoholic you might say
I sit head hung low, still to this day
I may be sober, I may be clean
I still don’t know what this must mean
I try to be happy, I swear I try
Forgotten how to feel, forgotten how to cry
Due to addiction, my soul has been left bone dry

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