My mind it spins, what do you know,
Talk to your friends, but nowhere to go,
Nowhere to hide, away from all feeling,
I can only cry, First step of healing

Why people ask, do you cry so much,
Its present and past, would you rather me cut,
Its a bad habit to break, addicting like drugs,
Hold onto your faith, here come the hugs

The healing process is slow, full of aches and pains,
My attitude it shows, my life full of vain,
I shut people out because I'm scared,
I screamed and shout cause nobody cared

When I pleaded for help, nobody listened,
Abandoned I felt, as my tears glistened,
Suicidal thoughts, swam in my head,
With them I fought, they wanted me dead

My teeth they grind, hoping bones break,
Nothing to find, my smile is fake,
Look in my eyes, maybe you’ll see,
My soul as it dies, and goes the best of me

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