I awake to a sound of silence in the bedroom and all around.
I feel i need some guidance to lead me down to the right path.
I close my eyes and dream of that day.
when it was loud and full of all of us.
you made me feel full and free.

I am alone and everyone forgets how to be close.
In this darkness we pretend there is light.
This fight is hard to overcome. I feel so numb
I awake to the sound of silence.
Its only fallen dark,quiet,empty.

I wake in silence.I walk in silence.I talk in silence.
I want to escape to a place so full of everything and everyone.
I open my eyes there is no silence. I don't talk in silence.
I don't walk in silence. I don't think of silence.
This makes me feel life, want to be in life, want to have a life.

The emptiness is gone so long.
Love,life,laughter and memories.
Finally so full and never empty anymore.
you came back to me.You are always near.
you are in my head,heart and soul.
So i guess we are never really alone......

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