Lonely Man

footfalls are heavy against hard concrete
the grey emptiness hangs in the air
the road ahead is dark
no crevice, no gap, no hole,
to allow a ray of sun through the impenetrable sky
but wait- there it is, yes, the face of brightness
to enlighten me out of my gloomy slumber
her face was smiling, radiating affection
as I reach out to take her hand-
her eyes glow red, then black, and finally milky white
I back away as she evaporates before my very eyes
and I walk on through my everlasting loneliness once again
for the ghost of memories had come and gone
through my time on Lonely Isle
all people see this ghoul as someone different
a daughter, a son, a father, or a mother
what I see is my beloved sister
who comes and goes as she wishes
as I walk this Isle alone and afraid
for the loneliest man ever is even lonelier than before

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