Lonely Nights

Led on just be let down,
so when you see me around don't dare ask why I frown.
The fairytale is over now you no longer wear my crown.
I tried to give you my palace, would have shared with you my life!
Instead your lies fueled by false faith
have been taken from what's right,
but hallelujah I finally see the light.
I thought I had a shot ended up shooting myself.
I make it look easy but believe me this is tough,
I gave you everything I had and still it wasn't enough.
It's a scary feeling that feelings may never change.
For me at least as you made it look easy
while I'm stuck with you running around my head
you're out running around the town.
Your smell still haunts me to the core
as the sensations from my breath taken in
as I held you close like a drug;
I just couldn't seem to get enough.
This scent I crave slowly but surely sending me to my grave.
So now what can I do,
as just the thought of you rips a hole inside of me
as I try to find anything to fill it,
I will settle for any salvation away from the strenuous struggle
of starring at the stars and knowing I'm watching them alone.

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