Lonely World

A lack of warmth in this cold, cold world,
A delicate silence not yet shattered by sound,
A vastness of white on this still, frozen plain,
A beautiful, unknown land,
Untouched, unfound.
A sheet, yet of blankness, that sparkles,
Diamonds in the daytime sun.
A universe lacking color, that instead glimmers,
A river of silver in the moon's quiet glow.
A hidden world, waiting to be discovered.

A flurry of snowflakes, dancing gracefully on the wind,
Drifting softly through the air,
Wind's feathery fingers brush softly against the landscape,
Caressing the drifts that are like waves on a beach.

Long-forgotten dreams float silently all around,
Forlorn, waiting, hoping.

Not a note of birdsong or life's busy chatter pierces this cover,
Of absolute, suffocating silence,
Not a single sound,
Not one,
For there is no life in this lonely world,
And never will there be.

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