Stoically impassioned with solo endeavors
I wrote a song and played all parts.
Social distancing has been my tether
yet it is crowded in the depths of my heart.

Alone I've crawled miles in the earth
and slept comfortably within.
I've had lengthy conversations for what its worth
in argument with myself again.

This life style is not for all or some
they scatter as chaff on the breeze.
There is no-one to offer up a toast
or see solitude drive drive you to your knees.

But through the years I've travelled this way
and for what reason I've stayed the course.
Now I reflect on the acts of the play
and thoughtfully consider the source.

It is odd how a randomly placed stone
can alter a mighty rivers flow
and why one prefers to live alone
due to circumstances years ago.
Regardless that is who I am.

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    This Poems Story

    It is a special breed who can live alone and be happy and content. It is not always easy and it is not for all. Once the course was set it becomes harder to return. People are great to visit I just do not want to live there.