Lonesome flame, vanished

I am terrified of my own blackness,
my thoughts dim while I try to battle this
malignancy that took a hold of me.
I have gone mad! Knowing I will never be
as other flowers that grow tall, while their roots
drink from Mother Earth's love.

I am a little flame among great fires!
I feel defenseless as the darkness overshades.
my small light that burns!
Colorful flame! Red like the skin of a tongue!
Blue pulse that plays with the red, a dance
of colors! Yet, my malignancy grows.

It's an enigma that I can only solve
when I fade, perish. Dying is an art!
I guess, I am alive now,
I wish I was sleeping. I want the light
of the sun to heal me. I lay flat to take
its warmth, just to be
rewarded with God's rain. My flame expires,
now, I become a lake.

I see a candle's reflection without its fire upon my waters.
Where did my dancing flame go? It's the last light
I hold! I suppose, it was me that drowned it!
With God's gift of rain. I am so lost.
I vaguely walk, all alone,
cold in a noiseless night.

© Virginia H. Guarddon, 23 days ago

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