Long Distance Relationship

"Why She Not Answering?"

"He Better Answer This Phone, I Know That."

"Bae, Where You At."

Phone calls are the only way we get affection off
No touching involved
We live too far
And it's getting hard
I wanna see you but I can’t
Unless we decide to Oovoo or Skype
And even that runs dry after trying to see each other every night
My phone dies and immediately you think the worst of me
So when I finally get a bit of color into my battery
I see you've been crying calling me
Calling me a liar and cheater
Saying you should never have put trust in me
When we started it was love
Every night on the phone just caked up
Don't give a damn what our peers say cuz we gonna make it work
The distance don’t matter as long as we're both willing to put in work
But it's not working.......
I want to touch you but I have to settle for provocative photos of you
Seducing lust that’s aimed for nobody but you
But you assume you know men so well
That since I'm not touching you then who
Not knowing about the coke bottle grip I've become used too
But it's unfair to say the jealousy is solely aimed at me
I get angry at times
Just thinking about the men that might be in your presence
Talking dirty about me
Bringing you presents
Talm bout "You still haven't left him?"
I hate when you hang with your exs
I think it's time we exit........
We're both hurting so bad
And I know if we could just touch each other
Figure out a way to set up roots together everything would be ok
But this Long Distance Relationship is killing me
I'm speaking over all these miles between us
But I'm not sure your feeling me.
When I say trying to feel we.
Has left me feeling nothing.
I'm Sorry, It's over.

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