Long Road

The mind seems dull,
as I look around the town.
I see all the laughing faces,
and question the path that I am going down.
If joy is merely temporary,
then how can real happiness be true?
As I shuffle down this long road I call life,
I realize that my dragging feet are a unique pair of two.

If life is nothing but this long road,
then my doubt can not be real.
Therefore walking down this road is my own journey,
fueled by my ability to feel.

Why should we all march systematically into tomorrow,
and trust Godhad a purpose when He sealed our fate?
I say we follow the snake to the Garden of Eden,
to find where the immortal forbidden fruit lay.
For even if the fruit is rotten when you arrive,
your journey was far from a waste.
For this long road has given you wisdom,
and wisdom is what designs your fate.

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