Longed for Someone Like You

All of my life, I longed for someone like you, warm and tender.
You light my life with each passing day.
The beauty of your smile and the warmth of your heart is what
has won me over, the memories of our time together make me smile.
I've longed for someone like you for whom I am and nothing more.
You captured my mind and soul,
Your love has the key to my heart's door.
Each day we are together is another day in paradise.
It feels so nice that there are no more lonely days and nights.
They are gone forever, never to come again.
The birds are flying high in the sky singing melodies
of love for you and I.
My body, soul and mind are yours until the day I die.
As our hair grows gray we will look back
at these precious memories with a smile.
There will be no one who can take these feelings away from us.
All of my life, I have dreamed of a love so true and pure,
that now that I have found you, it seems so unreal
that it feels like a dream.
I know we are both prone to making mistakes
but all of our mistakes will teach us to thrive,
for true love is our fate. Each and every day,
I long for your loving touch.
I've dreamt of you, now my soul is at peace forever

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