Longing for Freedom

I sit alone with all my thoughts
stuck inside my head amongst the chaos.
I look up to the morning sky
cry to myself and ask God why?
Please take this burden off of me!
So my soul can once again be free
with nothing in me to cloud my mind.
I see all the things I'd left behind;
those are the things that I desire
and to find a way to get back my fire.
I can see the wake of our destruction,
all the turmoil and corruption.
The lies the hopelessness and the sadness
made their way and turned to madness.
It's there that I don't want to be drowning in that endless sea.
I'm feeling lost, full of despair.
I wonder why I even care.
Would anyone notice if I'm set free,
Or if I'm trapped here for eternity?
Then through it all I hear.Mommy!
My soul again begins to cry
For I am shown my reason why.
Not crying tears of shame or fear,
But tears of joy 'cause my reason's clear.
I'll take every ounce of strength I've got
to keep from letting my soul rot.
I need them and they need me. Those kids are who will set me free.

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