Longing For Love

Dark glances, turn to envious gazes.
She wants to taste her, she craves her.
Bewilered by the attraction, she watches her.
Knowing her every move, know how many times she breathes in a minute.
She needs to touch her skin, and kiss her neck.
Thoughts of love, and hatred, kiss the surface of her mind.
She wants to know what it feels like to be desired.
No one knows the real love she longed for, the one that makes her who she is.
The one that is what makes her feel whole inside.
The one that no man can give her.
A love that feels no wrong, and is understood.
She watches from a distance with the feeling of lonliness in hand,
feeling like there is no right way to say.
Walking alone, she wants to end it, she feels no love,
no reason to stay alive, for no one loves her for who she truly is.
No women, No girl,
She screams, trying to be heard,
"Why must i seek the love from a women, why not from that of a man?"
No one hears, no one sees, no one cares.
And just like that she vanishes.
The women who she longed for is struck with devastation, and a tear begins to fall.
Her knees begin to shake, and she falls to them, crying with her face in her hands.
"Oh my sweet love, i wanted so badly to tell you, how i watched you, and envyed you.
How i craved your touch, and for your lips to touch mine."
She may never know that of love. She may never be able to love again.

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This Poems Story

I wanted to spread awareness about suicide among the gay community. My poem is about a young girl who is attracted to another girl, and she desires her and wants to be loved.