There is a story I'd like to tell you about the armpit of hell, also known as Longview. The first thing you notice when you come into town, Is all of the women are slutty and ran into the ground.To find a good one is the rarest indeed,Because, they all have pockmarks and are toothless from speed.You may like to think you've made a true friend,Until he does you'r old lady and it comes to an end.Then you seek counseling for the drugs that you do,Then you find out you'r counciler does more drugs than you.Then you let Lil' Nick borrow you'r car,And he totals the fucker nodded out on tar.Then late one night on Alabama St.,Deep on a tweek, Oh shit I've been up for a week.The cops pull you over and you start to lose hope,
Because they pull from you'r backpack two ounces of dope.A slap on the wrist is all you receive, You got off scott free or so you believe.You get out the next day and report to probation,You piss a dirty U.A. thats you'r first violation.
So it's off to old Shelton and into R-1,You sleep for a week coming down off a run. From a dope cook named Bob you learn to make crank,You get back to Longview and move in with a skank.
You crack off a batch and start to make money,Then one day you'r brother starts acting real funny.You sell him an ounce then sell him two more,And the fucking Meth Task Force kicks in you'r door.You'r Bro set you up the pigs bust you'r lab, You should have known not to trust him should have known he would blab.You go back two county your bail is too high,Your bitch comes to see you to tell you goodbye.See her and your brother are togeather instead,He is wearing your clothes and sleeping in your bed.Your very last hope is the judge gives you DOSA, But you dont quite qualify so the punk gives you MOSA.WallaWalla's your new home,10 years you will do,So stay the fuck outta Longview is my advise to you.

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This Poems Story

It is a poem about the town i grew up in.