Lonliness in a Mirror

Not a soul in sight.
Not even my own as I stand in front of the mirror
Dripping wet from the loneliest of my showers
Missing my arms embracing you from behind
Your scent overwhelming my senses
But where are you now
You are no where to be found
For I stand alone in front of this mirror
Reminiscing the time when we molded as one
Not picking out each others flaws
But flourishing one another with compliments
Compliments not from the mouth
They were compliments from the eyes
Here waiting for you to draw a heart in the shower mist
And on that day when the mist clears
I will be praying that I find you standing in front of me
Because like a hot shower without the mist.
I am missing you
You are my shadow on a cloudy day
Even with the sun reflecting through my window
As I look in the mirror no shadow appears
Because it waits for your body to stand behind me
Waiting for you to cure my loneliness the mirror

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