Look at Me

When I look in the mirror after I undress to clean, I cannot help
but look at Me. I wish I could smile and feel worthwhile, but
all those words that people have said, are in my memory. They
didn't realize how much it has hurt me. My hair is curly and
they say it's frizzy. It began to make me unhappy. I try to tame
my hair with an iron of heat but then when I look at the mirror
I feel like I'm pretending. As I wash my hair it begins to curl
and I begin to smile for that is his way by design. But then I
look down to the scars on my tummy-the memories, the pain, the
never-ending worry that came. I feel that if people see they
won't understand and they will tease. But then I realize that by
God's hand I can now stand. With God's hands I am now strong.
I look down at my legs. They cannot run fast, and I used to wish
they could carry me to the past, but I know now that is something
I cannot change. So instead I look ahead and change the future for
the better. I look at my hands that have pain and are sore. They
crack and are not nimble, but they write stories. Some that are
magic, and some that are simple but felt by many, and all are
inspired by memories. I stepped outside and I stared at the view.
And that's when I heard God's voice say, "I made a perfect you."
Do not look at the mirror for you will not find what you seek.
Instead look at Me and not what you see reflecting for I have
given you life. Now go, dear child, and tell this to those who
do not believe, tell them to "smile at me."

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This Poems Story

When I was younger, I remember being constantly asked, "What do you want to do when you get older?" My first answers were princess, teacher, and mommy. Around the age of ten, I wanted to inspire people, but then I was told that there was no such job to specifically inspire people (other than inspiring people with our actions, our words). I then discovered that I wanted to be a writer-not just a writer, but an inspirational writer. I write poems, yes, that is only the beginning. I write truth, most people may disagree with what I write, but would they rather I tell a lie? My writings reflect the trials I've been through, and I know many can relate. I not only write to inspire, but am inspired to write by God, to tell everyone what I feel, see and learn. I'm Savannah, I'm seventeen, and I am a writer.