Look at the Raven

Look at the raven on top of the swing.
Look at the raven listen to it sing.
It's out of tune like a broken heart's beat.
Now it is in the opera house, and you the front seat.
As it sees the doors open it flaps its wings.
It flies down the street.
It is hungry looking for other lost souls to eat.
For it is all alone.
It seeks company with those lost souls.
It patrols these streets,
The ghettos, the gutters.
It finds family in the orphans with no mothers or fathers.
For only they know the pain that it knows.
Only they loathe what it loathes.
The heart breaks.
The sorrow,
Not knowing if they will live to see tomorrow.
It also finds company in the children,
Though only the ones who have been abused,
For they also know what it's like to be used.
Also in those whom society has cast aside,
The ones they feed medication
Then leave to die.
So that is why the raven sings out of tune.
For besides those mentioned,
He is all alone.

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